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Sound Therapy

Using ancient Chinese medical principles and modern resonant frequency production to restore harmony and health naturally


What is it?

Sound therapy is distinct from music therapy, though the two can be combined. Sound therapy envelops you in a cocoon of sound waves which have been intentionally selected for helping resolve your particular disharmonies.

Our own voice is the best sound instrument we have for promoting healing, and techniques for using our voices are taught as appropriate in our medical qigong classes. The sound therapy sessions offered individually are of two types: infrasonic (low frequency waves you may feel more than hear) and live use of therapeutic sound tools such as crystal and metal bowls. The infrasonic uses high-end sound studio equipment, in order to handle the therapeutic range of frequencies.

The ancient Chinese discovered that sound can be used therapeutically and that particular frequencies have their strongest effects on particular meridians or on one of the functional energetic matrices. I build upon this ancient medical knowledge by incorporating the work of other pioneering acupuncturists as well as the work of scientific researchers studying the effects of sound upon all aspects of the human being.

Nourishing Life Sound Therapy may be used alone or together with other Asian healing modalities such as bodywork, acupuncture, jin shin energywork, Japanese teishin therapy, color and light therapy, and chakra balancing.  This is an ideal therapy for those who need to clear the effects of stress in order to promote natural healing responses.

How does it work?

Everything in our universe is vibration according to quantum physics. For us, this includes every component of every cell, every tissue, even the least dense – our thoughts and emotions. Modern science has calibrated the vibratory frequency which is unique to each component. When we are “in harmony” our frequencies match those of the normal and healthy.

If we are out of harmony in some aspect and can allow the frequencies of the healthy form to move through our beings, the relevant unhealthy aspects will be encouraged to entrain back to a state of harmony. According to Mitchell Gaynor, MD, “Sound enters the healing equation from several directions. It may alter cellular functions through energetic effects; it may entrain biological systems to function more homeostatically; it may calm the mind and therefore the body; or it may have emotional effects, which influence neurotransmitters and neuropeptides, which in turn help to regulate the immune system–the healer within.”

Some contraindications for infrasonic therapy include a pacemaker, pregnancy and thrombophlebitis. These will be discussed with you prior to setting an appointment.



Office hours are flexible to accommodate your schedule. Please plan on two hours for your initial visit, which will include a Chinese medical holistic health interview, and one hour for subsequent visits. You will need to be able to lie on your back on a low sound table for infra-sonic therapy. For a session with therapeutic sound instruments (crystal and metal bowls, etc.) you will need to be able to lie on your back on a thick futon on the floor. After the initial interview, a typical session lasts 40-50 minutes. Please call 715-342-5757 for fees.


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