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Your First Qigong Class

What to Expect at the First Class

When you come to the first class, you will be asked to fill out a brief registration form and to sign an informed consent statement. You will also pay for the class or class sequence at this time. It is a good idea to come a little early to the first class so that we can begin on time. When you come to subsequent classes, you will only need to sign the attendance sheet.

Qigong is a very mild practice in terms of its demands on physical structure. Nevertheless, if continued standing imposes stress or discomfort on some part of your anatomy, knees for example, I expect you to practice seated, or at least alternate sitting and standing.


To get the most out of your class times and practice, I suggest the following:

  • Wear loose comfortable clothing and do not eat or drink for about 20 minutes before and after practicing (unless medical need requires);
  • Make a conscious decision to drop your worries and concerns outside the door before you enter the classroom (let them be carried away by the wind while you practice!);
  • Practice every day;
  • Feel free to mix up the exercises learned in class, even to change them a bit to suit your physical requirements;
  • Know that qigong practice taps into the profound and powerful internal healing resources we all possess.
I also advise against the following:
  • Doing too much, even though you have a bent that says “if a little is good, a lot is better;” trying extra hard and making extra effort will only slow down your progress; consistency of daily practice and allowing your energy to move (not trying to force it) are the keys to success;
  • Thinking that there is really not very much to qigong, so it could not possibly do very much; the beauty and power of qigong practice is in its simplicity and depth;
  • Expecting quick results; even though the qigong world abounds with miracle stories, most of us require practice and perseverance.
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