Japanese Foot Reflexology

zoku shin do, japanese foot reflexology

zoku = foot
shin = heart
do = way


“The foot is the gateway to ten thousand disharmonies.” – Ancient Proverb


About Zoku Shin Do

Zoku Shin Do is based on an independent ancient Chinese medical system which is described in 2000-year-old medical books, but is likely much older.  When Chinese medicine was brought to Japan, the Japanese doctors revived and continued to develop this system.  Forms of Zoku Shin Do are widely practiced throughout Asia today.  Each practitioner brings their own unique understandings and abilities to Zoku Shin Do.  Cheryl’s earliest training was during her years in China.  Later, she expanded upon this foundation with teachers in California.  Her training and sensitivities are highly energy-based, rooted in principles of medical qigong and jin shin jyutsu.  She will be touching your feet, but observing, assessing, and treating your entire system – body-mind-spirit.

For those with local area disharmonies of hands and/or wrists, Cheryl has adapted the techniques of Zoku Shin Do for an energy-based form of non-invasive hand therapy.

Zoku Shin Do is one of three ancient and well-recognized therapies in Oriental medicine which is based on the holographic nature of our beings.  Through these therapies, one small part of the body is used to treat the whole.  The other common holographic therapies are auricular (ear) acupuncture and Koryo Korean hand acupuncture, both of which use extremely small and fine needles.  Zoku Shin Do does not use needles; it is a form of energy-based bodywork.  Because it involves working towards specific therapeutic goals, it should not be confused with a foot massage.  Zoku Shin Do differs from Western foot reflexology in that it is based within the Oriental medicine paradigm for diagnostics and assessment.  It also differs in terms of many techniques.


What to expect

During your treatment session, you will lie comfortably on a treatment table or sit in a recliner.  Certain aspects of Zoku Shin Do are performed without lubrication.  Others require a lubricant for best effect.  Cheryl uses a variety of lubricants, including essential oils.  She will suggest what she deems best for you for that session, but the final choice will be yours.  Please come to your session with clean feet and an extra pair of soft socks.